Spy on Facebook

Want to see someone’s private Facebook profile without being friends?

Or maybe you are friends with them already, but you need to see the messages, photos and videos they are sending to other people?

Spy Phone App from SpySocial allows you to do this and more. Spy on Facebook activity, hidden posts and photos, their Messenger chats and more.

All you need is their Facebook URL to get started.

How to Spy on a Facebook Profile

It’s surprisingly easy to spy on a Facebook profile with SpySocial. By simply providing someone’s Facebook page URL, within 5 minutes you can:

  • access their Facebook profile information
  • download their Facebook profile photos and videos, even if they are set to private
  • see their Facebook status updates
  • be notified of new Facebook posts that they make automatically
  • see their live location
  • download their entire Facebook friends list
  • watch them use Facebook in real-time
  • see who they speak to most regularly on Facebook Messenger
  • download photos and videos sent via Facebook Messenger
  • spy on their Facebook Messenger chats as they happen

Spy on Facebook Messenger

One of the most popular features is to see activities sent over Facebook Messenger.

This means you can spy on:

  • videos,
  • chats,
  • images,
  • shared files.

If your target sent anything via Facebook Messenger, you will be able to see this information using our app.

Not only can you see previously sent information, you also have the option to watch them use Facebook Messenger in real-time. The ultimate spy app for Facebook Messenger!

Facebook DM Spy™

The direct message (or “DM”) spy for Facebook is a tool built by SpySocial that allows you to watch someone send DM’s in near real-time¹.

When you are using Facebook DM Spy™, your target’s Facebook Messenger activities are uploaded to SpySocial, where you can stream them, either live or at a later time.

By using SpySocial as a third party, you never directly connect to your target’s phone or computer. This means you will never get caught as you have no connection with them at all.

SpySocial takes privacy seriously: we do not keep your target’s information on our servers after you download it. We do not keep information on you at all.

¹Please note, in some circumstances there can be up to a 10 second delay.

How to Spy on Someone’s Facebook

To spy on someone’s Facebook account without them knowing, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter their Facebook profile URL in the form above
  2. Wait for our servers to look for possible methods of intrusion
  3. Wait for our scripts to run on their device and create a connection download for you
  4. When prompted, enter your details
  5. Download the associated file
  6. Install the connection tool
  7. Get live access to spy on their Facebook and Messenger accounts