Promiscuity in society, thanks in part to social medias

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Social networks have become an important part in the life of modern society, but has it perhaps become an obstacle or advantage for this new digital age, when it comes to finding a partner or has come to promote infidelity?

In already established couples or even promiscuity?
Or have they come to cause problems with our partner because we spied on their Facebook or Intagram out of jealousy?

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We could reach the conclusion that we spend many hours of our daily life, navigating through different networks with different interests such as a friendship or establishing sexual contacts with people from different parts of the world or simply looking for an old friend, for that reason there is a variety of networks such as: Instagram, Facebook or others that are clearly to create a chat profile in order to find a partner, sexual encounters without any commitment or simply seek a friendship.

As well as a study from the San Diego State University, which assures us that the more time we spend in virtual life the more we move away from the real, losing awareness of what is true and what is not. Moving away from social dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

That is why today, networks have begun to set trends in modernity, since it has become an advance or jump in communication, because today we seek to meet new people, so there are different types such as Grinder which is an App, which can be downloaded on mobile devices, this application is specifically geared towards the GLBT community, this application allows the user to create a profile, looking for similar interests in other people in a nearby radius, using GPS, as well as this social network, there are many others, which allows the user to provide information on interests through a profile.

But it is important to note that these profiles have come to give users a double life or relationship; that is, virtual or something more personal, creating a different personality in real life networks, demonstrating a totally social or extroverted behavior in order to reach conversations, which are not achieved in person, leading to the creation of a false profile , because in some occasions much of the information that we find in that contact can be true or not.

However, how has this affected couples or when it comes to finding one? Many times we have seen many cases of people who apparently show a photo with certain characteristics of beauty patterns established by society, but these do not belong to them or are not updated, which creates false expectations to the user, that is why in full 21st century when it comes to finding a partner has become one of the main problems, which generates distrust and hinders the true objective of establishing contact with someone else.

On the other hand, we have many pages that encourage promiscuity or infidelity in couples by wanting to establish conversations with other women and men even if they have their current partner.

All this causes mistrust or jealousy towards our partner, but surely more than once we have to think that our partner is unfaithful or simply have we ever been curious and we wanted to spy the instagram or spy facebook of our partner? looking for some kind of information that can clarify those questions. Who does he or she talk to so much? Why do you spend so many hours on your social networks? Do I see it or see it online and it does not speak to me? Who gives so much like your photos? These are many of the questions we ask ourselves when seeing so many infidelities in couples motivated by this new era.

Sometimes we have been able to find a solution to all these questions by spying on Facebook or spying on Instagram, which can sometimes be pleasant to see that our partner is not unfaithful, or not so good to see that our partner has another relationship.

Therefore, thanks to online flirtation and distrust of wanting to spy on our partner’s networks, there have been many ruptures in sentimental relationships of years, caused by the daily discovery of a variety of couples who end up having virtual relationships, committing infidelity or be promiscuous, when looking for one and another partner.

Finally, we can not forget that social networks should be handled with caution and we can not allow them to become the main axis of our life, that we spend so much time in them and forget an important part of human life, I mean the interpersonal relationships and communicate with our partner to avoid infidelity and promiscuity.

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