Are social medias killing real love?

When thinking about this topic, I go back a few years ago. I was about 36 years old, I was divorcing, I really did not handle technology at all, I only knew smartphones (Smartphone), but they were not as they are now, the innovative thing was that you could take them anywhere you will find ; I only made calls and send messages; They did not share photos, there were no social networks, nor so many applications, as we know today.

It turns out that I did not handle the computer either, I had it in my house, but I did not use it for fear of damaging it, I was really a technological illiterate.

Well, continuing with my story, at this moment I knew what a chat was.

I had a friend from work who supported me a lot at that time and the first thing she said to me trying to calm my depression was: quiet I’m going to get you a boyfriend, you will not be alone, and you’ll see, I’ll solve that quickly . (Since my separation was due to my ex fell in love with a younger than me, his skinny beautiful as he said, which only turned out to be a young woman who was just looking for someone to fix her life). He told me, come to my house that I am going to teach you, I left one afternoon, he asked for my email address and he started to open pages, for me it was complicated, I started my raid on the chat, he opened so many different users, I had to make notes to be able to remember everything. I was venturing into that world that is now more known as social networks.

In my foray into this new open world for me, I can say yes, I met a lot of people and in part it served as therapy to not feel so alone, I could see that many felt alone like me, they had problems, they needed someone with whom talk, they did not know how to communicate with their partner, and I do not know why, but ended up being like a sentimental therapist style. And if they ask, did you get a boyfriend? The answer is no.
There were some who worked at night and chat was a way to pass the time, could not miss the one who was looking for adventure, they had his wife, a well-formed home, I really did not understand what I was looking for there, I asked him and he answered: “I’m just looking for friends “, (this response was a constant in several married men) to which I replied: if your wife sits at the computer to find friends, you should not bother, what is the same is not cheating, and if you you do not do anything bad, she does not either, almost everyone hearing this said, Oh no, not that! hahaha, they can but they can not. Others had that desire for exhibitionism, when I rejected that type of behavior, it bothered me and they even told me I was not looking for nuns.

I met all kinds of people, apart from many people and others, but I did not only meet men, women as well. It distracted me and that world caught me. If something is true, is that we all need to feel that we are taken into account, that we care about someone, I just think that many of those who were connected needed attention, be listened to, and I loved to listen, I followed the advice I gave them, I asked them how did it go? Did you talk to your wife? Did you have a detail with her? , they always told me, they would have completely before me, and I understood, that it is easier to talk about you to a stranger.

After I was more skilled in this new world, Facebook appeared, I loved it and still use it, it is this social network to share photos, videos, music with family, friends, offer products, learn with tutorials, among other things. Here I have some friends that I met in those famous chat, I follow their lives and they mine, sometimes we even talk on WhatsApp, although I do not know them personally, we have managed to maintain a nice friendship bond.

Spy on Whatsapp

What a wonderful WhatsApp !, I think it’s fabulous, it allows you to have communication from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, share moments, documents, always carry with you in my opinion is one of the best applications for the phone they have invented.
When I was married, it did not exist and if I am sincere thank God, I would have become a spy for my partner’s WhatsApp.
If I discovered text messages, suspicious calls at certain times, can you imagine what a woman or a man could find when spying on your partner’s WhatsApp?, but following my theme, Facebook has been used for many things, not only to help you share moments with family and friends, I would say that it has also become in some cases AGAINST LOVE, here have grown opportunities to meet people, girls presenting to the world or vice versa, if you do not have a private profile anyone can see your photos, I like it and you can even look for friends, and what starts as a simple game in many opportunities has become a network that gives you the opportunity to have an appointment, with someone you do not know for sure who he is, becoming many times a network style to link, although Facebook does not have this vision there are other social networks such as Tinder and Grindr that are intended to help find a partner.

These social networks allow you in real time to locate people close to your environment, with your same preferences, I would call them social networks to make appointments or meetings, where you can choose or discard if you are interested or not the person. Not only do you have a profile visible to the world, but also your location, you can communicate with that person and tell you I am close to you, I would like to know you and if the other person seems many times they end up in a meeting to link and nothing else.

The truth is that with this modernism of today has lost enough values, and the generation of the 60, conservative who gave his time to conquer, love, enjoy a courtship is being left behind and being supplanted by this new that social networks use as a bridge to connect and not to find Love.

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